Medical Requirements

Applicants must demonstrate that they are physically prepared for the rigors of Air Force ROTC and their future careers in the military. As part of AFROTC, cadets must undergo a medical examination by a military doctor or designated civilian contractor. The medical examination will be scheduled and reviewed by the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB).


For students applying through the High School Scholarship Program, a waiver request will be automatically forwarded from DoDMERB to the Air Education and Training Command Surgeon General (AETC/SG) for consideration.

For college students or cadets, a waiver request must be submitted by Air Force ROTC Detachment Commander at your school to Air Education and Training Command Surgeon General (AETC/SG) for consideration.

If the waiver request is denied and there are extenuating circumstances that justify further consideration, follow the instructions in the DoDMERB notification letter about rebuttals.

Pilot/CSO/ABM/RPA Qualifications

Interested in flying? You’ll find some general qualifications on the flight preparation page. Once in Air Force ROTC, cadets must obtain a Class 1 Flight Physical.


DoDMERB determines whether you are medically qualified for the program. Physicals normally take six to eight weeks to process.

Contact Info

If you have a medical question, DoDMERB is your only official source of information. You may contact them directly at 719-333-3562.

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