Life After ROTC

Pursuing Your Dreams, Serving Your Country

After earning your college degree and completing the Air Force ROTC program, you’ll be ready for an exciting career, applying your education and leadership skills on behalf of your country as an Air Force officer. This comes with a high level of responsibility, but it also comes with a high level of honor and respect every time you put on the uniform.

U.S. Space Force Careers

The U.S. Space Force (USSF) is a new branch of the Armed Forces. It was established on December 20, 2019. Air Force ROTC is a direct pathway into the Space Force if you are a cadet who is classified as a Space Operations Officer upon graduation. Other career fields in the Space Force include Intelligence, Cyber Operations, Developmental Engineer, and Acquisitions.

To learn more about USSF careers please visit the U.S. Space Force page on the U.S. Air Force website.

Find Your Career

Whether you want to be a pilot, an engineer, or work in space operations, the Air Force offers dozens of officer careers in technical, nontechnical, and specialty fields depending on your choice of major.

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