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Not immediately. While the purpose of Air Force ROTC is to commission officers for the U.S. Air Force, cadets are not in the military until after graduation. Keep in mind that to fulfill all AFROTC requirements, at some point during their college years they will need to sign a commitment stating that they will join the Air Force as an officer after graduating.

If a high school student receives a four-year scholarship through our High School Scholarship Program, the first year of college will be paid for, and they can quit at the end of their freshman year with no obligation. If a student is offered a scholarship while already in college, they are not committed to the Air Force until they accept their scholarship (usually in the fall of their sophomore year). Cadets that are not on a scholarship are not committed to joining the Air Force until the start of their junior year of college. With AFROTC, we provide students with many opportunities to see what the Air Force is about before they make any kind of commitment.

There is no service commitment for students who take our classes with no intention of becoming an Air Force officer. For these types of students, it is only another class. If they are interested in becoming an officer, there is no service commitment during the first two years of Air Force ROTC program (the General Military Course) unless they have an AFROTC scholarship. If they decide to stay and join the Professional Officer Course the last two years of the program, they’ll have to sign a contract with the Air Force committing to go on active duty after graduation. For AFROTC scholarship students, they are obligated once they have activated the scholarship and have entered their sophomore year.

The mission of the high school Junior ROTC program is to build leaders and better citizens for America. The mission of the college Air Force ROTC program is to produce leaders of character for the Air Force. For more information, please visit the Air Force Junior ROTC Website.

None at all. In fact, we encourage cadets to take a curriculum in which they are interested and have the capability to succeed. Our main academic concern is that they maintain a Grade Point Average (GPA) above 2.0 and attain a degree in the time period planned. The GPA requirements are dependent on whether they are applying for a scholarship or if they are on a scholarship.

No. In fact, the majority of students enrolled in college ROTC were not involved in the Junior ROTC program while in high school.

No, but cadets must participate in the program for at least three years in order to meet all Air Force ROTC graduation requirements. If an individual is already close to finishing their bachelor’s degree, we recommend looking into Officer Training School, which is an officer commissioning program designed for those who already have their bachelor’s degree.

Yes! Many of our students do not start with a scholarship but earn one eventually. At any given time, about 80 percent of our students receive financial assistance, but they are not required to receive a scholarship to complete the program and graduate as an officer in the Air Force.

Yes. Students can participate in Air Force ROTC without a scholarship. We also have some scholarships that students can compete for after joining the program. Please contact the detachment staff at the school you are attending to discuss AFROTC in-college scholarship opportunities. Additionally, see the In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP) section.

Cadets typically take the AFOQT during their sophomore year of Air Force ROTC. The test is given several times during the fall and spring and can be taken a maximum of two times with at least six months between tests.

Other commissioning opportunities exist through the United States Air Force Academy and Officer Training School (OTS). For more information, visit the Air Force Academy Website. Officer Training School is a program for individuals who already have their bachelor’s degree. Visit the Officer Training School page for more information.

For lawyers, chaplains and medical professionals, Commissioned Officer Training is a program designed for professionals who want to become officers in the Air Force. Visit our OTS page for more information.

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