Innovation (STEM)

The Future Is Yours To Invent

The U.S. Air Force is one of the most advanced, innovative organizations in the world. By pursuing a degree in science or engineering as an Air Force ROTC cadet, you’ll not only increase your chances to be nominated for a scholarship, but you’ll also have the opportunity to apply that knowledge in the Air Force. After graduating, you’ll be able to work on new technologies, from state-of-the-art aircraft and next generation satellites, to the latest advancements in cyber warfare.

Leading The Way From Above

The Space Force operates the largest satellite constellation in space, including GPS, defense, weather, and surveillance satellites, as well as the means to protect them from space debris and potential adversaries. The information these satellites provide is critical to the defense of our nation and also helps citizens around the world go about their daily lives. As part of the United States Space Force, you’ll have a hand in developing, launching, and maintaining these important assets.

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The Future Of Autonomous Robotics

With the development of autonomous robotics, soon even the most hazardous areas will be accessible. Today, work is underway to develop these aerial and ground robots so that we may eventually enter dangerous environments without putting human lives at risk. The Air Force is constantly developing new technologies, and our engineers are some of the best in the world, with specialties ranging from aeronautical and mechanical engineering, to computer science and mathematics.

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Defending Cyberspace

The cyber world is constantly evolving, and the Air Force is becoming ever more reliant on technology. Airmen who are tasked with defending the Air Force and our country’s networks must be technically competent to keep up in this ever-changing world. They are responsible for a wide range of offensive and defensive cyber capabilities as well as other areas like training and intelligence. The Air Force is constantly looking for talented individuals with backgrounds in computer science and engineering to fill these roles.

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