Health & Wellness

  • Fitness Center

  • Capt Simmons’ Daily Workout

  • Hospital


  1. Fitness Center

    Staying physically fit is an essential part of being an Airman and Guardian, so every base has a fitness center equipped with a variety of machines, free weights, cardio equipment and classes, all at no cost to you or your family members.

  2. Hospital

    Every Air Force and Space Force base has medical facilities offering services free of charge to Airmen and Guardians. Your family can also join your healthcare plan with minimal cost. The size of the facility varies from base to base, with some focusing on minor ailments, while others handle everything from cancer treatments to heart surgery.

  3. Pharmacy

    Whether it’s antibiotics or long-term treatment, the medicine you and your immediate family need is covered by your insurance and can be picked up at the pharmacy that’s located right on base.

  4. Dentist

    Dental care is offered free of charge to all Air Force and Space Force personnel, and low-cost insurance is available for their immediate families, with dental facilities either on site or provided by a dentist in the local community.

  5. Health & Wellness Center

    Air Force and Space Force health and wellness centers help Airmen and Guardians deal with and overcome many of life’s challenges that affect our health, including smoking, stress and dietary needs.

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