Leadership Opportunities

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders One Cadet At A Time

Air Force ROTC offers a series of specialized classes and hands-on Leadership Laboratories that will give you a better understanding of the different functions of military leadership and will provide the tools to help you succeed in your future career as an Air Force or Space Force officer.

Air Force ROTC Leadership Opportunities Include:

Aerospace Studies

As a cadet in the program, you will take two Air Force ROTC classes per semester: Aerospace Studies and Leadership Laboratory. The Aerospace Studies class is designed to educate you on a wide range of topics that progress through your time in AFROTC. You will learn everything from the basics of being in the Air Force or Space Force to leadership, management topics and national security issues.

Leadership Laboratory

In addition to what you learn in the classroom, you’ll also have the opportunity to apply that knowledge in Leadership Laboratory. During Lead Lab, you will be taught military drill and ceremonies and military customs and courtesies as well as be given the opportunity to participate in leadership exercises. Lead Lab consists of a two-hour class held once per week and one-hour physical training sessions two times per week.

Activities Include:

  • Physical fitness assessments
  • Field days
  • Drills and ceremonies
  • Leadership studies
  • Air Force officer career days
  • Air Force or Space Force officer career days
  • Leadership-building exercises

Skills Cadets Develop

  1. Ability to command and give effective communication
  2. Verbal communication, planning and organizational skills
  3. Knowledge of military customs and courtesies
  4. Enhancing physical fitness

Field Training

During the summer between your sophomore and junior years, you will participate in field training, a two-week encampment that includes physical conditioning, weapons and survival training. Field training is held at Maxwell AFB, Alabama. While at field training, you will be evaluated on your leadership potential and be provided with the opportunity to expand your skills as both a leader and team member.

Arnold Air Society

Arnold Air Society (AAS) is an honorary service organization made up of approximately 3,000 Air Force ROTC cadets from more than 140 colleges and universities, including the Air Force Academy. This private, nonprofit group focuses on serving others through joint national projects as well as local community and campus projects.

Community Projects Include:

  1. Serving the disadvantaged
  2. Fostering environmental awareness
  3. Promoting awareness of the plight of prisoners of war and those missing in action

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