• BX
  • Chapel
  • Hospital
  1. Spouse & Family Jobs

    It takes a lot of people to make an Air Force base function and civilians fill many jobs on base. Air Force spouses and family members often get first shot at those jobs.

  2. Police & Fire Stations

    Every Air Force base is ready to handle any emergency with Security Forces and has a fire department ready to respond.

  3. Chapel

    The U.S. Air Force Chaplain Corps provides everything from life counseling to spiritual guidance to any Airman of any denomination or belief in need of ministry.

  4. Base Exchange (BX)

    A BX, or base exchange, is a tax-free superstore where Airmen can buy almost everything they need, from socks to name-brand flat-screen TVs, all for prices that are less than in civilian stores.

  5. Education Center

    The education center is available to help you develop and execute a plan to further your education.

  1. Library

    You’ll find a library on almost every base offering books, audiobooks, music, movies, free Wi-Fi, areas for kids, and even the occasional coffee shop.

  2. Automotive Center

    Many bases have do-it-yourself automotive centers stocked with tools and staffed with experts providing know-how and guidance to help you fix basic car problems.

  3. Vet Clinic

    Taking care of Airmen’s families extends to their pets. You’ll find that many bases have veterinary clinics to provide Air Force pets with the care they need.

  4. Financial Institution

    All Airmen have access to financial institutions on base that offer checking and savings accounts as well as low-interest loans and mortgages.

  5. Officers Club

    The Officers Club usually serves the dual function of being a social club and a meeting location. Besides featuring a dining room, which usually serves at least lunch and dinner daily, the club also hosts parties, dinners, and other entertainment. Many even have swimming pools and tennis courts.

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