Start as a Manager

Some Become Managers Over Time, Cadets Graduate As One

Air Force ROTC provides a head start right out of college with a job as an officer in the U.S. Air Force or Space Force. Unlike most of your fellow college students, you’ll already know your career path before graduation and will be assigned to a managerial position starting on day one. Whether you continue in the Air Force or Space Force after your commitment is fulfilled or decide to join the private sector, you’ll be well prepared with valuable life and leadership skills.

Career Assessment

The Air Force and Space Force conduct missions all over the world requiring a variety of specialties; chances are there’s an officer job that’s right for you. Upon graduation, you’ll be assigned a career in the Air Force or Space Force based on your educational field of study and the needs of the Air Force or Space Force. Most officer positions will involve immediate managerial duties, and others, like Pilots and Combat Systems Officers, will require you to become proficient in a particular skill set.

What Does It Mean To Be An Officer?

Officers are trained to be the leaders of the Air Force or Space Force. In addition to developing the Airmen and Guardians who serve under them, they’re also responsible for executing the mission and representing the Air Force and Space Force professionally. That is why rank, pay and career opportunities for officers are commensurate with their elevated level of responsibility.

Three Routes To Becoming An Officer

  1. Air Force ROTC

    A program available at more than 1,100 civilian colleges and universities where students take Air Force ROTC classes in addition to their normal class schedule and commission as an officer upon graduating with their bachelor’s degree.

  2. Air Force Academy

    An undergraduate military service academy located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where students receive military training while earning an undergraduate degree. For more information on applying to the Air Force Academy, please visit their website.

  3. Officer Training School (OTS)

    A nine-week officer training course located at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery, Alabama, for those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree (or higher). For more information, visit the Officer Training School page on

Learn About AFROTC Salary & Benefits

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