College Student Scholarship Application Process

Air Force ROTC Cadets Can Compete For A Scholarship

The In-College Scholarship Program (ICSP) aims to recruit and retain freshmen and sophomores in specified academic majors at a college or university with a host or crosstown Air Force ROTC program.

No Formal Application

There is no formal application process for the In-College Scholarship Program; however, Air Force ROTC staff at the detachments evaluate current cadets and highly qualified students on their academic performance, physical fitness and academic major to determine eligibility and competitiveness for scholarship nomination and consideration.

Individuals nominated for scholarship consideration will compete on a national board.

For more details on the In-College Scholarship Program, contact your school’s AFROTC detachment.

Staying Eligible

If you are selected to receive an in-college scholarship, you must maintain a term GPA and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher.

Important Information About Foreign Language Majors:

Since the Air Force and Space Force place great value on language skills, they have identified certain colleges and institutions that have outstanding foreign language programs (such as study abroad or activities that lead to greater levels of proficiency).

Premed, Nursing And Other Medical-related Majors

If you’re applying for a scholarship in one of these majors, you will compete for a nontechnical scholarship. If you receive and activate a scholarship in one of these majors, you are not guaranteed that specialty upon commissioning. You’ll be required to compete on the designation boards to pursue that specialty in the Air Force or Space Force. If you are not selected on one of these boards, you will retain your scholarship, but you will be placed into a specialty based on the needs of the Air Force or Space Force upon graduation.

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