About Air Force ROTC

Becoming America’s Airmen and Guardians

We are dedicated to developing leaders of tomorrow who will go on to fulfill the Air Force mission, represent our core values and live up to the rich history of Air Force ROTC.

More Than An Education

  1. Leadership Opportunities

    In Air Force ROTC you will not only learn the principles of leadership in the classroom, but you will put them into practice outside of the classroom through hands-on management experience and valuable leadership-building exercises.

  2. Professional Development

    To prepare for a career as an Air Force or Space Force officer, cadets take courses that focus on the importance of effective leadership, application of leadership concepts and the role of a military leader in today’s society.

Rewarding Future

  1. Start As A Manager

    Joining AFROTC gives you the opportunity to enter the Air Force or Space Force as an officer and leader, which means you will have the responsibility of a management position straight out of college.

  2. Salary & Benefits

    When you enter the Air Force or Space Force after AFROTC, you’ll be able to take advantage of ongoing educational opportunities and advanced career and leadership training. You will also receive excellent pay and benefits, including healthcare, a housing allowance and travel opportunities.

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