High School Scholarship Application Process

Step 01

Create an Air Force ROTC account.

Step 02

Log into your Air Force ROTC account. Complete and submit the “My Profile” page.

Start the application process.

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Step 03

Complete the My AFROTC Application Checklist, to include the Activity Sheet.

Step 04

Download and print the Counselor Certification Form. Scan and upload the signed counselor certification form and a copy of your official or unofficial high school transcript (must include the 9th–11th grade).

Step 05

Download and print a copy of the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) worksheet. Take a copy of the PFA worksheet with you when you complete the fitness assessment. Have the examiner fill in all of the information on the form and have him/her sign and date it. After you have completed the fitness assessment, use the worksheet to enter your results electronically. Scan and upload the completed worksheet to the application.

Step 06

Enter your GPA manually in the fields provided on the application and submit SAT and/or ACT scores electronically through the testing agency using AFROTC Test Code 0548.

Enter your GPA electronically in the fields provided.

Step 07

Students wishing to submit their high school scholarship application will have until 11:59 PM CT on December 31, 2023, to submit their initial application. Once the initial application has been submitted, students will have until 11:59 PM CT on January 11, 2023, to submit additional information. For students who are applying for U.S. Space Force, applicants will have until 11:59 PM CT on November 30, 2023. Once the initial application has been submitted, students will have until 11:59 PM CT on December 31, 2023, to submit additional information. This additional information includes, but is not limited to, Physical Fitness Test (PFT) results, SAT and/or ACT scores, and high school transcripts in order to become eligible. If deemed eligible, you will be contacted by a local AF ROTC unit, based on where you reside, to start the interview process.

Scholarship Results
  • Received

    If you receive a scholarship offer, you will be required to complete and pass a medical exam and meet Air Force ROTC physical requirements in order to keep the offer. Once you have decided to accept the scholarship offer, the Air Force ROTC detachment at your selected school will provide further guidance on the actions required for the fall term of your first semester of college. Additionally, should you accept the scholarship and continue with Air Force ROTC past your freshman year, you will be obligated to serve in the U.S. Air Force or Space Force upon graduation (NOTE: The length of your service commitment is dependent on your designated career field).

  • Did Not Receive

    If you did not receive a scholarship offer, you may still participate in Air Force ROTC as a non-scholarship student. Non-scholarship Air Force ROTC students are still able to become officers in the U.S. Air Force or Space Force as long as they earn a bachelor’s degree and meet all AFROTC requirements.

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Scholarship Status

Air Force ROTC will contact you periodically about your status, and you can track your application status online. After you submit your application, you will be notified via email of your eligibility status.

If you have not heard anything within six weeks, contact AFROTC at 866-423-7682 or email your scholarship technician.

Staying Eligible

After you’re selected, you must maintain a term GPA and a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher as well as meet the Air Force and Space Force’s weight and fitness standards.

Withdrawal of Application

You may withdraw your application at any time. Just contact your scholarship technician; information for your scholarship technician can be found in your WINGS account.

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