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When you become a member of Air Force ROTC, you’ll enjoy college life just like every other student on campus. But in addition to sporting events and study groups, you’ll also be part of a tight-knit community of driven individuals striving to get the most out of their college experience, their career and their lives.

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Cadet Courtney Diekema

“My favorite thing about AFROTC is how you can be both a student and a cadet.”

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  1. Sports

    From flag football and basketball to volleyball, track and softball, many Air Force ROTC detachments have sports teams that compete in intramurals as well as against other Army ROTC and Navy ROTC teams.

  2. Color Guard

    Color Guard is an extracurricular Air Force ROTC team that has the honor of presenting the American flag in a variety of settings, including celebratory events, memorial services and even professional sporting events.

  3. Honor Guard

    Honor Guard is an extracurricular AFROTC team designed to train you in precision drills and ceremonies with arms. They compete against other colleges and universities, showcasing their expertise in military professionalism, customs and courtesies.

  4. Community Service

    Service to others is something every Air Force ROTC member learns early on by volunteering with local programs that meet social, educational and environmental needs. This not only builds character but also positive relationships with other members of the community.

  5. Formal Functions

    Cadets and cadre (AFROTC faculty) have the opportunity to participate in formal military functions such as the Dining In, Dining Out and Military Ball. These events are held to honor cadet accomplishments and celebrate achievements by members of AFROTC.

  6. Silver Wings

    Silver Wings is a national, professional organization dedicated to creating proactive, knowledgeable and effective civic leaders through community service and education about national defense.

  7. Social Activities

    In AFROTC, you’ll work hard and play hard. Whether it’s tailgating before games or just hanging out with your friends, there are plenty of opportunities to make lifelong friendships while also being involved in other social clubs and organizations in college.

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