University of Southern California—Det 060

University of Southern California is home to Air Force ROTC Detachment 060. Got questions? Give the detachment a call or send them an email.


All new USC AFROTC scholarship designees/recipients are eligible to receive a $4000 USC ROTC scholarship in addition to any tuition, fees or book awards that the student may receive from AFROTC. USC students who receive a USC Competitive Scholarship (Trustee, Presidential, Leadership, Associates or Dean) or other USC scholarships in addition to their AFROTC scholarship, may retain up to $6000 over tuition, fees, books and supplies in combined awards. The total of all these awards cannot exceed the student's cost of education as established by USC. USC AFROTC cadets majoring in engineering may be eligible for more scholarships if the combination of their ROTC and other scholarships does not exceed tuition, fee, books and supplies plus $6000.

This is a private school.

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3560 WATT WAY PED 112 LOS ANGELES, CA 90089-0651

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