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University of Nebraska - Lincoln is home to Air Force ROTC Detachment 465. Got questions? Give the detachment a call or send them an email.


John J. Pershing Scholarships are available to nonresident freshmen with a three- or four-year ROTC scholarship. Individuals must have successfully completed their first year at UNL and maintained a cumulative grade point average of a 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale. The scholarship provides a $2500 scholarship. Individuals who initially qualify for a 25% New Nebraskan Scholarship would have their New Nebraskan replaced with the Pershing Scholarship. Individuals already receiving a 100% or 66% New Nebraskan or Midwest Student Exchange Scholarship are not eligible for this award. This scholarship is renewable following completion of the sophomore year, provided certain academic standards are met at the end of each academic year, and the recipient remains eligible for ROTC Scholarship support. E.R. Powell Scholarships are available to two Nebraska resident sophomores with a three- or four-year ROTC Scholarship. Recipients must have successfully completed their first year at UNL with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale and have met other academic requirements. Two individuals are recommended to the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid each year. The scholarship provides $1000 or $500 each semester. The scholarship has the potential for renew at each year until graduation or until the recipient is no longer in the ROTC program. Dr. Frank E. Sorenson Scholarships are available to Arnold Air Society members taking summer coursework at UNL. The amount of this award varies. Edgar J. Boschult Scholarships are available to ROTC participants. Selection is made by the American Legion based upon financial need, GPA, ROTC rank and leadership abilities. Amounts may vary depending on fund availability. Applications may be submitted online at

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