University of Massachusetts - Lowell—Det 345

University of Massachusetts - Lowell is home to Air Force ROTC Detachment 345. Got questions? Give the detachment a call or send them an email.


The University of Massachusetts – Lowell offers twenty-one full room-and-board scholarships valued at about $315,000 annually to cadets. UML also waives application fees for students joining AFROTC (please contact AFROTC Det 345 for details). Additionally, over $54,000 was distributed to cadets in 2020 via AFROTC-specific UML endowments and partner organization scholarships. Finally, all cadets are eligible for UML’s Pershing Fund emergency grants and loans.

This is a public school.

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Contact Information

Wannalancit Mills, Suite 160 600 Suffolk St LOWELL, MA 01854

Phone: 978-934-2252 Website:

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