Southern Illinois University - Carbondale—Det 205

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale is home to Air Force ROTC Detachment 205. Got questions? Give the detachment a call or send them an email.


Nonfederal scholarship recipients who are Illinois (IL) residents can receive tuition waivers each semester regardless of their academic major. IL residents awarded a three-year scholarship are guaranteed a tuition waiver their freshman year. Non-IL residents awarded a three-year scholarship are eligible for a tuition waiver after establishing IL residence. AFROTC students who do not activate their scholarship may qualify for a tuition waiver regardless for major (must be IL resident). Scholarship recipients may also compete for $1000 add-on scholarship awards available from the College of Engineering.

This is a public school.

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Contact Information

AFROTC DETACHMENT 205 275 E. Park Street, Grinnell Hall, Mail code 6718 CARBONDALE, IL 62901-6899

Phone: 618-453-2481 Website:

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