Special Tactics Officer

Some missions require exceedingly specialized skill and knowledge to get the job done. One of the most highly trained and elite career fields in the U.S. Air Force, Special Tactics Officers help provide global access for coalition forces with assault zone assessment and control, fire support, personnel recovery/combat search and rescue, battlefield trauma care and tactical weather operations. These highly trained officers provide subject matter expertise to plan and manage the command and control of Special Tactics forces.

Relevant Interests and Skills

  • Special Operations
  • Weaponry Materiel
  • Intelligence

Career Tasks

  1. Coordinate, plan and conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and terminal control.
  2. Provide air traffic control services for expeditionary airfields and assault zones.
  3. Establish command and control communications.
  4. Ensure Special Tactics teams are organized, trained and equipped to perform the core missions.

Service Commitment A Duty and an Honor

After completing all Air Force ROTC and academic degree requirements, cadets accept a commission as second lieutenants in the Air Force or Space Force, appointed by the President of the United States. The length of your initial service commitment depends on your career. Most officers have a four-year, active-duty service commitment. Pilots have a 10-year, active-duty service commitment, and both Combat System Officers and Air Battle Managers have a six-year service commitment upon completion of their respective training. Nursing graduates accept a commission in the Air Force Nurse Corps and serve four years on active duty after completing their licensing examination.

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