Operations Research Analyst

To ensure a successful mission, we must always be operating at the highest level. It’s the responsibility of Operations Research Analysts to make this possible. Problem-solvers who find ways to make Air Force operations more efficient and cost-effective, these officers perform a wide variety of duties including operations research, general research, testing and evaluation analysis, mission support analysis and logistics analysis. It’s up to these experts to make sure every project and program is operating at peak performance.

Relevant Interests and Skills

  • Operations Administration
  • Computers/Computer Science

Career Tasks

  1. Apply analyses to current operations and to operational scenarios.
  2. Conduct and manage experiments and tests.
  3. Develop new concepts, methods and techniques to solve scientific and operational problems.
  4. Recommend research and development projects and acceptance or nonacceptance of research products.
  5. Manage scientific programs, projects and activities.

Service Commitment A Duty and an Honor

After completing all Air Force ROTC and academic degree requirements, cadets accept a commission as second lieutenants in the Air Force or Space Force, appointed by the President of the United States. The length of your initial service commitment depends on your career. Most officers have a four-year, active-duty service commitment. Pilots have a 10-year, active-duty service commitment, and both Combat System Officers and Air Battle Managers have a six-year service commitment upon completion of their respective training. Nursing graduates accept a commission in the Air Force Nurse Corps and serve four years on active duty after completing their licensing examination.

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