Financial Management Officer

At the very core, the Air Force is an organization that requires financial acumen. Responsible for organizing financial management activities and establishing internal control, Financial Management Officers help ensure funds are available for the equipment, supplies and services our Airmen need. Doing everything from managing organizational structure and performing cost estimates to evaluating efficiency, these experts are essential to protecting Air Force funds and helping Airmen continue to succeed in their missions.

Relevant Interests and Skills

  • Operations Administration
  • Computers/Computer Science
  • Law Enforcement

Career Tasks

  1. Plan and organize financial management programs in support of daily operations and war-fighting missions.
  2. Direct financial management activities, including reviewing internal controls and quality of services.
  3. Advise commander and staff on status and progress of command programs.
  4. Perform financial-management functions.
  5. Develop organizational structure, personnel, security and training.

Service Commitment A Duty and an Honor

After completing all Air Force ROTC and academic degree requirements, cadets accept a commission as second lieutenants in the Air Force or Space Force, appointed by the President of the United States. The length of your initial service commitment depends on your career. Most officers have a four-year, active-duty service commitment. Pilots have a 10-year, active-duty service commitment, and both Combat System Officers and Air Battle Managers have a six-year service commitment upon completion of their respective training. Nursing graduates accept a commission in the Air Force Nurse Corps and serve four years on active duty after completing their licensing examination.

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