Enlisted SLECP

Senior Leader Enlisted Commissioning Program (SLECP)

SLECP allows designated Air Force senior leaders to directly select exceptionally performing, highly talented enlisted Airmen for commissioning through OTS.

SLECP-A is for candidates who do not possess a baccalaureate degree, but completed at least 24 semester hours or equivalent by the end of the SLECP selection window with plans for completing a bachelor’s degree within (3) years from an accredited institution. This program provides an opportunity for enlisted members to complete their degree while in an active duty status. Airmen must complete all degree requirements within three (3) years and attend an accredited school with an associated funding agreement and/or affiliated cross-town AFROTC (for personnel administrative management purposes only) with a tuition cap of $18,000/year. The degree earned must qualify for the AFSC classified into or the member will be reclassified into a qualifying AFSC. After graduation, the Airman attends OTS to earn their commission.