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As your son or daughter considers their next step in life, they have many options and decisions in front of them—what career to pursue and what college to attend are just a couple of them. The U.S. Air Force offers a wide range of career opportunities as well as help paying for school and a guaranteed job upon graduation. Air Force ROTC is a college program offered at more than 1,100 U.S. colleges and universities. In addition to preparing young Americans to become Officers in the United States Air Force, it teaches discipline and leadership skills that will help them succeed in life.

We understand that, as parents, you play an important role in guiding your child’s future. This should be an informed decision for both you and your son or daughter, and we’ll be glad to answer any question you have. Click on the button below to read the FAQs.

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Every parent is concerned about how they’ll help their child pay for a college education. Air Force ROTC offers a way to get your son or daughter’s college paid for, with a guaranteed career waiting for them after graduation. There are a variety of scholarships available for current high school students and for students currently enrolled in college.

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To gain admission and succeed in Air Force ROTC, your student needs to be physically and mentally prepared. As parents, you can help keep them on track for success and make sure they meet all required deadlines.

Learn More about the standards and requirements or click here to view important application dates and deadlines.

Our admissions officers are ready to answer any questions you or your student may have about Air Force ROTC.



Air Force ROTC offers a head start unlike any other, including a guaranteed job right out of college as an Officer in the United States Air Force. Before graduation, your student will already know their career path in the Air Force and will have begun training for that career.



Air Force ROTC is the best place to launch your career after college. You will gain valuable experience that will serve you well—whether you stay in the military or not. Take a look at our featured graduates (See below). Air Force ROTC was the stepping-stone that provided them a solid leadership foundation for life.

Colonel Eileen Marie Collins (USAF)

College: Syracuse University
Achievement: NASA Astronaut—With good grades, flying experience and a letter of recommendation from her Air Force ROTC supervisor, she became one of the first women to go straight from college into Air Force pilot training: “That was by far the biggest break of my life, getting into pilot training.”

Colonel Span Watson (retired)

College: Howard University
Achievement: One of the original Tuskegee Airmen

Frank Gifford

College: University of Southern California
Achievement: ABC sportscaster; “I played football for the detachment. We beat the Navy.”

General “Chappie” James

College: Tuskegee University
Achievement: First African American to hold the highest Air Force rank

Lieutenant Colonel Fitzhugh L. Fulton

College: Auburn Air Corps
Achievement: Pioneer test pilot and NASA test pilot

Rick Boutwell

College: Troy State University
Achievement: USAF Thunderbirds, Left Wing

Roger Wicker

College: University of Mississippi
Achievement: First Congressional District Representative

Two-star Major General Joseph McNeil (retired)

College: North Carolina State A&T University
Achievement: Part of the Greensboro four sit-in. “What we did had been done many times before. The truth is, this was the event that caught on and jump-started the civil rights movement.”