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College Students

If you’re already in college, it’s not too late to experience the benefits of joining Air Force ROTC. There are options for you even if you start after your freshman year. In ROTC, you’ll learn useful life and leadership skills as you prepare to become an Air Force Officer and earn your college degree. You’ll have people challenging and helping you to accomplish your personal best in academics and physical fitness.

Air Force ROTC is offered at more than 1,100 colleges and universities across the U.S. Contact your school’s detachment to learn more about potential scholarship opportunities.

How To Join



Air Force ROTC is offered at over 1,100 colleges and universities in the continental United States, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Be sure the schools you select accept you in the academic majors you indicate on your scholarship application. Apply early so you can be prepared to accept any scholarship major Air Force ROTC offers.

You can browse the majors offered at various colleges with ROTC programs here.


Students are expected to graduate from the college or university where they begin their freshman year. A transfer to another university or college is subject to approval by the unit commander at the school you wish to transfer from. If a transfer is approved, the scholarship will be capped at the tuition rate of the lower cost school regardless of the scholarship type (for example, if you started at a school with a tuition of $9,000 per year and then transfer to one with a tuition of $15,000 per year, the scholarship remains capped at $9,000 per year).


If you are applying for one of these majors, you will compete for a nontechnical scholarship. If you receive and activate a scholarship in one of these majors, you are not guaranteed that specialty upon commissioning. You will be required to compete on the designation boards to receive designation in that specialty. The designation guarantees you will enter that specialty upon commissioning. If you are not selected on one of these boards, you will retain your scholarship, but you will be commissioned into the Air Force as a line officer and placed into a specialty based on the needs of the Air Force.



Since the Air Force places great value in language skills, they have identified certain colleges and institutions that have outstanding foreign language programs (due to programs such as study abroad or activities that lead to greater levels of proficiency). Scholarship applicants electing to study the languages listed at the universities below might receive preference during scholarship selection. Please note that for a crosstown university, the student will need to commute to the detachment at the host campus in order to take ROTC classes and participate in related events.

  • Chinese:
    • Arizona State University—Det 025
    • Brigham Young University—Det 855
    • Georgia Institute of Technology—Det 165
    • Indiana University—Det 215
    • San Francisco State University—Crosstown of Det 085 (located at University of California, Berkeley)
    • University of Mississippi—Det 430
    • University of Oregon—Crosstown of Det 685 (located at Oregon State University)
  • Korean:
    • University of Hawaii, Manoa—Det 175
  • Persian:
    • University of Maryland, College Park—Det 330
  • Russian:
    • Bryn Mawr College—Crosstown of Det 750 (located at Saint Joseph’s University)
    • Portland State University—Crosstown of Det 695 (located at University of Portland)
    • Texas Tech University, Lubbock—Det 820
    • University of California, Los Angeles—Det 055
    • University of Wisconsin, Madison—Det 925

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Use this college locator to find schools with ROTC detachments.

Host University

A host university is a college or university that offers an Air Force ROTC program to its students right there on campus.

Crosstown University

A crosstown university is a college or university that offers Air Force ROTC, but whose students take their AFROTC classes each week at the nearest host university.

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